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Black Friday Deal
Concierge Coaching Six-Pack

6 Hours for the Price of 5

Embark on a transformative writing journey with our exclusive Concierge Coaching service! Elevate your craft, overcome obstacles, and bring your stories to life with six hours of personalized coaching for the price of five. Plus, enjoy a complimentary intake call to kickstart your literary adventure!

Your storytelling voyage starts with a comprehensive intake call, a dedicated session included in the overall cost. During this conversation, we delve into your writing aspirations, goals, and challenges. This foundational discussion lays the groundwork for a tailored coaching experience.

Utilize your six hours of Concierge Coaching to address any aspect of your writing journey. Whether you're grappling with the perfect story opening, refining plot twists, shaping compelling characters, enhancing readability, or evaluating overall story quality, our coaching sessions are entirely flexible to meet your needs.

Guidance Where You Need It Most
Here are just a few ways my clients commonly leverage their coaching hours


Openings:  When and how to open your book. Best practices. Common pitfalls to avoid.

Plot Development: Is your plot reader worthy? Do you need help with the twists and turns. 

Character Development: Create memorable characters that resonate with your audience.


Overcoming Writer's Block: Tackle challenges head-on with strategies to keep your creativity flowing.


As well as - time management skills, how to research and not get lost, help with brainstorming, and publishing insights. What ever your need - I am there to guide you.

With Concierge Coaching, you're in control. Schedule sessions as needed, and use your hours strategically to address the areas where you need the most support. This personalized approach ensures that your coaching experience aligns seamlessly with your unique writing journey.

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