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Concierge Coaching Packages

Unlock Your Writing and Publishing Journey with Personalized Hourly Coaching

Two Plans to Choose From

3-Pack $600.00 for Three Hours 

6-Pack $1000.00 for Six Hours

You use your HOURS when and how you need them.

Is the idea of writing your book in just 30 or 60 days not quite your cup of tea? That's absolutely fine because I've got the perfect solution for you. My Concierge Coaching program is designed to cater to your unique needs and pace. While you'll receive the same high-quality private coaching as our other clients, we'll delve deep into the specifics of your writing journey.

Here's how my Concierge Coaching can assist you:

**Getting Started:** Staring at a blank page? Not sure how to begin your writing journey? My Hourly Coaching is your ideal starting point. I'll help you kickstart your project, develop a compelling outline, and bring your characters to life.

**Navigating Revisions:** If your manuscript is complete, but you're struggling with revisions, I've got your back. As an experienced writer and coach I will provide invaluable guidance to streamline your editing process, ensuring your book reaches its full potential.

**Finding Your Voice:** Every writer has a unique voice waiting to be discovered. A coaching sessions will help you uncover your distinct writing style, making your book truly one of a kind.

**Mapping Your Publishing Path:** Publishing can be a daunting maze. I can shed light on the various publishing options available, helping you choose the path that suits your book and goals.

With Concierge Coaching you can work at your own pace. You'll have an expert in your back pocket, ready when you need them. And, you'll avoid mistakes that will cost you time and money. 

The Best Part?

If you find that you absolutely love my Concierge Coaching program and decide to transition to one of our other comprehensive plans, I'll deduct the cost of your hourly coaching from the higher-priced plan. Your success is MY priority, and I want to make your authorship journey as smooth as possible.

Ready to Take the Plunge?

Don't let hesitation or confusion hold you back. Your book deserves to be written, and we're here to make it happen. Click the button below to sign up Concierge Coaching, and let's embark on this exciting writing adventure together! 

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