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Being Un-Organized is Costing You Money

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

If your desk is a mess, and you use excuses such as, "I know where everything is" or "a messy desk is a sign of intelligence," you're not doing yourself any favors. You could be losing money. I know you're losing time. In my example below for fixes, I am using a small office, but imagine this is a warehouse, a garage, or your stock room.

How is your mess costing you money?

1) You purchase duplicates and triplicates because you can't find the original item you bought, the part you need, or the tool. So you spend money on another.

2) You spend time when you could be getting a new client or helping a customer looking for that one thing you know is on your desk.

3) Your employees, because of disorganization, have to work longer and harder to accomplish a task that should be simple. This sets up room for errors and overtime costs.

4) Misplaced documents, let's say from the IRS or a debtor, go forgotten because they're in that pile on your desk. When the deadline zooms past, you now have fines and penalties.

These are just a few examples. But they hit big when you're a small business. So how do you get organized? Several ways.

DO IT YOURSELF: Have you ever watched the Instagram organizers Joanna and Clea with their Netflix show The Home Edit? These ladies are fantastic. They have a few short videos on YouTube as well. I am not saying you have to go to their level, but hey – it might be your thing.

Another great do-it-yourselfer is Marie Kondo with her Sparks Joy Method. Again, you can find her on Instagram. She has some interesting philosophies and takeaways, but the main thing is she teaches you how to reflect and reduce. And then keep your space clutter-free.

Scour YouTube tutorials and look for ideas on Pinterest. The Do It Yourself methods are for those who are very focused and love to tackle a project. If that's not you, then consider hiring a professional.

HIRE A PROFESSIONAL: Hire someone to come in and access your space and your needs, and then let them work their magic. Make sure they teach you how to use the system and also train employees. How do you find someone like this? You can ask someone like me, a small business consultant and coach who works with trusted organizers, or you can Google "Office Organizers."

If you decide to go it on your own, but the size of the job intimidates you, here's a tip I heard on a podcast.

USE A TIMER. Set the time for 30 minutes. Hit start and get going — no distractions like your phone or that cute YouTube video about kittens. It's only 30 minutes. You won't be overwhelmed. If it's a work project, shut your office door, put on headphones, turn off your notifications, and put everything on DND.

Hint here — if you're cleaning out a space, do the KEEP, DONATE, or TOSS rule. If you've used it in the last year, KEEP it. Haven't used it in a year, and perhaps you have duplicates? DONATE. If it's broken, it can't be donated — TOSS it. Do these right away for instant gratification.

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