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Write Your Book in 30 Days - You CAN Do It!

Writing and Publishing Tips From an Author and Writing Coach

Writing a book in 30 days sounds terrifying to some people – it’s a challenge to me. How much time have you spent THINKING about writing your book? Probably longer than 30 days. For most people, it’s years. You can't publish your book - unless you actually write it.

What if you could write a book and get it published.
Write Your Book in 30 Days

I’ve written four novels during NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month), which happens every November. I have this down. I understand what it takes.

But what if you have a book to write and you don’t do it? What if you never do it?

Here are the things I hear all the time:

I’m not a writer.

I can’t commit to the time right now.

I don’t know where to start.

I don’t think my idea is good.

What if I get stuck?

All valid reasons. But ALL can be fixed. If you REALLY want to do this, you won’t let excuses stop you.

I’m going to help you with some of these excuses.

Let’s talk about WHERE TO START. Then we’ll PREP so you can focus on WRITING during the 30 days without getting bogged down with the nuts and bolts.

A blank page on a computer screen - just start


That’s a BIG question. And starting is literally what STOPS people. Often, I begin with my ending. Yep, I write the last chapter first. Other times, I start with just an idea which ends up being a scene in the middle of the book. Always though my first 10-15 pages are cut. Edited out. Erased. Tossed in the trash.

So, you see, it doesn’t really matter where you start. Once you begin to write, it will flow.


When I work with my clients, we talk before we start writing or opening up a fresh document in Word.

These are the questions you should ask yourself because they will help you get on the right course.

What kind of book is it? Self-help, novel, sci-fi romance, non-fiction, memoir?

  • Who is going to read your book? Kids, adults, clients, everyone?

  • Are you going to publish your book? How? Get an agent, hybrid publisher, publisher, small press, or indie publish?

  • When your book is in print, where would it sit at the bookstore? What section?

Bookstore bookcase with published books
Where is your book on the bookstore shelf?

These are simple questions but essential before you get started. For example, you don’t want to write a sci-fi romance novel for six-year-olds. They’re not going to get it. Just as you wouldn’t write a self-help manual for a niched-down audience of 35-year-old men with mustaches and beards for young adults who want books about mermaids.

This sounds silly, but I am saying to figure out what your book is – then find out where it would be in a store or library. Actually, go to the library and the bookstores. Look at the books on the shelf. Read the books that are near it. Study the vocabulary, the words, and how you connect with what the author is saying.

This ONE thing will make all the difference in connecting and resonating with your reader.

Hint: A WRITER READS over 100 books in their genre.


Where you start doesn’t matter.

Take time to GET TO KNOW your GENRE and your audience.

As a little reminder - I am not JUST a WRITE YOUR BOOK in 30 DAYS coach. While it's a big part of my business, I also have:

Hourly Coaching - for seasoned writers and non-writers who need help writing their manuscript.

Workshops - like the Nuts and Bolts of getting started, writing Fiction from Fact.

Virtual Co-Working Space - Paper Trail

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