No matter what it looks like to the outside world, we know as writers that the path to becoming a published (traditional or non-traditional) author is hard work – it’s not an overnight success. While there are tons of classes and conferences on craft, voice, tension, plot and How I Got My Agent, there are few classes that touch on the REALITY of writing such as, what do you do when you want to quit and finding the time to write.

Through humor and a positive mental attitude I give insight and help to writers (and illustrators) of all levels. I have several topics to choose from, all are interactive, and your attendees will walk away empowered, and ready to take on that next project.

Why am I the best person for this?

  • I started writing in my mid-40’s.

  • I’ve had three picture books published, as well as several short stories.

  • I’ve been agented, out on submission, and then found myself without an agent.

  • When I started writing I was juggling a career, a family, and my social life.

  • I have ADD and DYSLEXIA – the double whammy.

  • I grew up in a high control doomsday cult.

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