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You'll see lots of paths on this website. Why? Because each of us is on our unique path. Sometimes we follow our path, not knowing where it will lead, the twists and turns it will take, but we follow it. Maybe you step off the path and try a new one. Perhaps you get stuck in a rut and cannot move forward. 

Whatever it may be, if you're struggling to find your path, refocusing your course, or need the motivation to keep going, I'm here.


Professionally, I have over 20 years in accounting and administrative work. I also have fifteen years of experience in the writing industry: writing for children, website content, non-fiction, and freelance writing. I've started and run two businesses: a pool service business and a full-service pet care business. I learned a lot from all. 

I struggled at first to find my path. I've had successes and failures, but along the way, I figured it out. I've found my path, and I can help you find yours and blaze the trail.

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Guide Multi-Level Marketers to Increase Revenue

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“When the path reveals itself - follow it.” Cheryl Strayed

What my clients say....

“Sally was an integral part in helping me run my small real estate business. She kept me accountable and ..(read more)

-N. Howe

Sally's coaching in Business

“Sally has an eye for catching what is and what isn’t working in my manuscript, and she does this in a humorous but ...(read more)

- S. Richey

Sally's coaching in Writing

"Sally has a gift for finding the heart of a story  and making your words shine." 

- J. Rowland

Sally's coaching in Writing


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