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The Truth is a LIE

Young Adult Novel, by Sally Lotz

Available on Amazon (Kindle and Print) ​

Inspired by actual events, The Truth is a Lie is the story of fifteen-year-old Sara, a devout member of the Truth. Sara is dedicated to the ways of the Truth: keeping separate from the Worldly and obeying all that Jehovah requires. Her reward? Eternal life in Paradise Earth after Jehovah destroys the world in Armageddon. When Rachel, an 18-year-old Sister, moves in and shares with Sara, she was sexually assaulted by someone in the Truth, someone close to them both. Sara's world is torn in two when she has to decide whether to follow the rules of the Truth, stay silent, and let Jehovah take care of it. Or, risk losing her family, her salvation, and everything she knows by running to the Worldly, the people she was taught to fear and hate, for help.



Painful. Raw. Hold-your-breath every step of the way." Cara Wilson Granat, Author - Trees of Hope

"Timely and compelling, THE TRUTH IS A LIE offers a close look at the damaging effects of a religious cult from the eyes of a young teenager. Readers will feel for Sara as she discovers her own truth against mounting family and community pressure." Catherine Arguelles, Author - Flip Turns

"A brutally honest story about life in a cult through the eyes of a child. Heartbreaking, yet full of hope."

Lisa Schmid, Author - Ollie Oxley and the Ghost

"The narrative maintains a gripping pace, keeping readers engaged from start to finish. The exploration of the cult’s dynamics, the psychological hold it has on its members, and the intricate power structures within “The Truth” add depth and intrigue to the story." 

Rose Cooper - Author - Gossip from the Girls Room, I Text Dead People

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