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Your Journey From Inspired Writer to Published Author Begins Here


Jacqueline Hayes Spark Imagination Publishing


Jacqueline Hayes

Spark Imagination Publishing

Spark Imagination Publishing is a full-service book publishing company. We handle ALL aspects of the book publishing process and we gently walk alongside our clients during their book publishing journey. Spark Imagination Publishing offers a unique, fun, interactive book publishing experience to our clients. We know that book publishing can be both scary and exciting.


We handle the scary while our clients stay focused on being excited about sharing their book with the world. We deliver high quality paperback books and eBooks. We provide stellar publishing services to our clients. Our book publishing team assists you in publishing your book on one of the most noteworthy platforms (Amazon KDP) at extremely attainable pricing.

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Sally Lotz

Author and Book Coach

Sally specializes in guiding aspiring writers through the maze of uncertainty and doubt that often surrounds the writing process. If you've ever felt paralyzed by questions like "Where do I start?" or "Will my book be any good?" She's here to provide the clarity and confidence you need to unleash your inner writer. Whether you're struggling with ideas, doubting your abilities, or finding yourself short on time, she offers personalized support tailored to your unique voice and vision.

Sally works with you to help you develop your story into compelling content but also offers solutions to any obstacles that may arise along the way. You can choose your path to writing with her 30, 60 or 90 day program. Or, work at your own pace through an hourly program. Imagine your book done in a season, and ready to publish.  

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Sally Lotz Book Coach and Author

What Our Clients are Saying

"My book publishing experience was great. They walked me through the whole process from the cover page to the last page. They asked lots questions about what I wanted and brought my ideas into life. They made great suggestions and kept me up to date. Happy with my end product and loving being invited to different events to talk about my book. Thank you Spark Imagination Publishing."

"It is an honor to applaud the work of Jackie Hayes and the Spark team from a client perspective. I would describe my experience as not only positive, but also sensitive and focused. As this was my first publishing experience, there are so many things you don't know - because you simply don't know. However, the encouragement and patience exemplified by Spark throughout my client experience was phenomenal. And I am forever grateful."

"If you are thinking about writing your first book, novel, or devotional please allow my friends at Spark Imagination to help you with the process. The design team and the editorial team are fast easy and will offer helpful advice that will only improve and manage your thoughts on paper.

They are very confident, encouraging and patient. All of your questions and concerns will be answered. They will have your book designed and published and if you need a website they will design that too. I enjoyed my experience tremendously. "

"Sally is a professional and warm writing coach who can help you through the book-writing process, whether you're going for traditional publishing for self-publishing. I highly recommend working with her and gaining from her expertise!"

"Go-To-Resource is Sally. Super talented, sharp, quick to find humor as well as offering great compassion--Sally Lotz should be the Secret Weapon of Success for all writers!”

"Sally has a gift for finding the heart of a story and making your words shine."

"Almost six years in the making and many, many different iterations, versions started then stopped, this morning I finished the first draft of my very first book...This morning I finished my book, and gave myself the chance to live a life where I am free from keeping my story buried inside of me. I can share it with pride, with honor, knowing that I completed this massive project from my heart...Tremendous gratitude for Sally Lotz, the woman who fueled the accountability and support I truly needed to let these words come out of my body and into the paper."

Join Us For our Masterclass

Learn How to Write Your Book
and Get Published

JULY 25th 12:00 EST

Join us on Eventbrite for our online masterclass where you'll discover all the secrets to becoming a skilled writer and a published author.


In this masterclass, you'll learn how to write a compelling book that captivates readers from start to finish. Our expert instructors (Jacqueline Hayes and Sally Lotz) will guide you through the publishing process and share valuable tips on getting your work out into the world.


Whether you're a budding writer or a seasoned pro, this masterclass is perfect for anyone looking to take their writing to the next level.


Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to fulfill your writing and book publishing dreams!

A FREE gift from us to you:

As a token of support, here's a free resource to support you on your writing and book publishing journey!

Your Ten Step Guide to Getting Published

Wishing you success on your journey from pen to publishing.

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