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It’s Almost 2023 — What’s Your Story?

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Are You Going Into 2023 Like a Maniac Like Me?

Boy, 2022 was a big life changer for me. So much happened. The biggest thing I learned — and I thought I already knew everything there was to know about myself, was that I wasn’t as positive of a person as I thought.

Yep — me! Little Miss Sunshine and rays of happiness. I mean, my name is SALLY.

Let me clear this up.

I am positive. I am upbeat. I am happy. But, I wasn’t attracting happy - positive - upbeat. I as attracting crappy jobs, a mess in my writing life, and one bad date after another. Mingled in were beautiful days at the beach, nights listening to music at the Jazz Clubs, time with my children, a new church - all great things.

But still, I was stuck. I wasn't moving forward, I as more like running a treadmill.

And then, something happened. I started listening to an audio book — You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Live an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero.

Here’s where I learned about something called manifesting. Which then led me to start listening to this old guy named Earl Nightingale on YouTube. I found one of his recordings on YouTube, then I found another, and another.

Which then led me to start listening to an Apple podcast called the Manifesting Formula by Christine Rizzo.

What I learned from the three of these amazing people. I had a lot of negative energy which is why I was attracting what I didn’t WANT.

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So after a painful shift (only because I made it that way by being so slow about it) I’m closing out 2022 with a roar and headed into 2023 like a maniac.

My roar started when one day at work, after an email from the owner of the company called me a failure and was putting me on part time, I didn’t want to be an accountant, I want to be a WRITER. I’ve been working on this shit for 10 years. I’ve got books published but I’ve been in a slump. And all the signs were telling me — DO THE THING I WANT TO DO.

SO I DID — I quit.

I had nothing to fall back on. I had one month salary in my bank account.

Before that money ran out, I secured a part-time gig making more than I was making full-time. And, I started my own business coaching small business owners and entrepreneurs on achieving their dreams. AND — I still have plenty of time to write and have a social life.

How did I do this? I was prepared mentally and emotionally. I’d been doing all the things in the Bad Ass book, I’d been listening to Earl’s words. I’d shifted my mindset to positive I HAVE and I AM statements instead of I DON’T HAVE and I WISH I HAD. The last six months has been a journey forward.

And the year is ending with one of the things I’ve been manifesting — happening. I’ll share it with you in the new year.

Here’s YOU can be a maniac in 2023

  1. Listening to one or all three of the things I mentioned (Badass, YouTube, Podcast)

  2. Write down your WHY — why are you doing what you do. If you don’t have one, then you’re in the wrong place. WHAT is you want to do — what is your PASSION.

  3. Set up your goals for 2023. Use a positive mindset, and make sure they align with you, your personality and your vision

  4. Get a coach like me to help you through the process. Don't think you need a coach? Tell me one successful person who never had a coach.


YOU WANT MORE in 2023 - Book a Free Discovery Call with me

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