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Why It's a Good Idea to Listen to Your Own Advice

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

I am horrible at taking my own advice. I am great at helping others with a kind word, or motivating someone else. But sometimes, one the things I hate that I do, comparing myself to others, rears it’s ugly head.

I’ve been working on this “problem” for years. Mostly I can turn it off. When I hear that little voice start to squeak…hey, did you see what she got? Hey, lookie what you’re missing out on. I turn that volume knob down and go over everything I’m grateful for.

It’s true — I really shouldn’t compare myself to others. We’re all on a different path.

But last week, I had a bad week. My 18-year-old cat had kidney failure, and I had to put him down. I got the flu and was down for five days. All my friends were out of town. The guy I’m dating — out of town too, and I was taking care of his dog. It was a three-day weekend, and I was stuck with me, myself, and I. All my beach, music, and fun plans went down the toilet.

I had a Covid lockdown flashback. It was awful.

This is the crap that went through my brain while my body was feverish and aching and I couldn’t fight off the anxiety anymore.

Why do all of my friends have agents and books published? Why am I stuck in the land of nothingness? How did that old critique partner, with the crappiest book in the world, just get a book deal? Why did she have to blast it on every social media platform?

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