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WRITE LIKE A PRO - How to Set Yourself up for Success

As a writing coach and a writer , I have discovered several things that all successful writers do. It doesn’t matter what you write: fiction, non-fiction, a blog, books for kids, or sci-fi. Being a pro at writing doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s not like what you see in the movies.

I’ll keep this simple and sweet so you can get to writing.

1. Set aside writing time. At the beginning of the month or week, put time on your calendar to write. Nothing else happens here. No social media posting. No checking e-mail. Butt in chair and write.

2. Write daily. Beyond the time you’ve set aside, spend at least ten minutes a day writing. It can be anything, but if it’s free-style writing, the better. Why? This opens up the floodgate to creativity. I’ve gotten tons of ideas from my 10 minutes a day.

3. Create an outline. Some people, myself included, like to write by the seat of our pants. And others spend so much time outlining they never actually write. Keep this simple. Hit the high points along your road, and let the little things fill in as you go.

4. Use prompts to inspire you. You can use this during your ten minutes. A writing prompt can unlock a creative idea.

5. Research to inspire you. This one sounds odd, but sometimes your writing requires research. Suppose something catches your eye while you are researching — jot it down. Save it for later. It could be the start of a big idea.

6. SET GOALS. This one I cannot say enough. Like in a business, you need to set goals for your writing. We as writers have a hard time sticking to them, but at least you’ll have something to aim for so you’re not floating around aimlessly.


APRIL 2023

The Truth is a Lie

A Young Adult Novel, by Sally Lotz

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