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Sally Lotz on the beach

"Don't be pushed by your problems,

be led by your dreams."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have always had a dream to write, and I am following the path of that dream. 

My life started normal. I had four older siblings. I was the baby, and life was good - until it wasn't. After my mother's series of bad choices, my family was split up. That's when the cult swooped in. They showed her love and gave her a purpose and passion in life.

At the age of six, I found myself part of a doomsday cult who called themselves The Truth, you know them as the Jehovah's Witnesses. Besides no holidays or birthdays, and being separated from extended family, it also meant no sports, no art, no music, no friends outside of the cult, no school dances.

​At age sixteen, I was asked to leave. There were many reasons, but mostly it started when I would no longer conform. ​On top of growing up in a cult, I am also dyslexic, have ADHD, and am deaf in one ear. Imagine going through childhood like this and being called dumb. If I can survive and thrive - anyone can. 


I have a passion to write, and also to help others who perhaps don't have the same advantages as others. I teach and coach writers and small business owners on how to reach success. 


Sally Lotz - Book Coach and Children's Author - Write A BOOK

The pictures below are bits and pieces of my path. I keep them close to remember where I started and where I am headed. I suggest you do the same. Find a picture of yourself, where you started, and keep it close by to remember your path, your dream, your passion.

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