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Giving Away Stuff For 30-Days Opened Me Up to Receive

A Life Hack That Changed My Mindset

For June, I gave away ONE thing every day. (Read about here) If you haven't done a challenge like this yourself, you should try it. Giving away leaves you open for receiving. It's a strange phenomenon. But so true.

Here's a short list of what I gave away:

1) 10 pieces of new clothing that I'd never worn.

2) Tithe to my church.

3) A cup of coffee to a stranger.

4) Time to a friend who needed a listening ear (when I didn't have the time).

5) A bracelet to a woman sitting beside me at a networking lunch.

6) A baby plant to my neighbor.

7) A book.

Get creative with your giving away. It doesn't have to be money. And once you start, you'll keep on going. It will be a rewarding habit.


What did I get in return? And by the way, I didn't go into this to GET. I gave out of gratitude. What I received was a more passionate outlook on life, and my positive energy increased. I received random acts of kindness from strangers. I was invited to be on 4 PODCASTS (my goal was one).

You can hear the positive energy in my voice, and my passion for what I do.

But most of all, I opened myself up to others and their positive energy. The energy around us is a real thing. Ever been near a Negative Nancy or walked into a room where two people were arguing. The space is thick with tension, or in Nancy's case, dripping with depression.

What am I doing for July, you ask?

I am reaching out to ONE person a day with words of encouragement, a compliment, or a 'I noticed you' message. Why?

Because I live alone, I work alone and go to many places alone. And there are days when I sink low. Hey, let's be honest. No one is always sunshine and happiness. The happy face you see in public might not reflect the real feelings a person is having–and I understand that.

There have been days when I was in a dark place, and the one person who felt compelled to text me and tell me they were thinking about me and wanted nothing in return MADE MY DAY. It lifted me.

In a way, this is a continuation of GIVING away one thing a day.

It’s July 5th, and I’ve sent 5 messages. One got me a phone call right away, with a thirty-minute conversation from someone who WAS in a dark place and did need a listening ear. She thought no one cared.

This is social experiment in a way but on myself. I’m changing my mindset to appreciation, gratitude, and giving.

I’d love to know if you tried anything like this, or something similar. What was your experience? I need ideas for August.

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