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As a writer and a writing coach, I cringe when people tell me they are going to write their business book (or novel) using ChatGPT.  My stomach physically curdles when I hear the words, “I’m using ChatGPT to write.” YIKES!

I know, I am a writer – and the people I’m talking about aren’t. They simply want to produce a book for their business. Or they have a great idea for a piece of fiction, but don’t have the skills or time to make it come together.

There is a place for ChatGPT in writing. I am not 100% against it. But there is no shortcut to creating content that your readers and audience will devour and come back for more. If you’re writing a book as your business card, or your lead magnet – it must reflect you. Not only that, but it must also be YOUR voice and your experience that comes through.

HOW can you use AI, ChatGPT tools?

Here’s how I use them.

1)      Brainstorm. Get ideas for your KEY audience. I type in my demographic and ask ChatGPT what their pain points with writing are.

2)      Figure out the keywords that hit home and attract your audience. Like honey to bears.

3)      Social Media: I use this for bulk uploads to Canva. I have my content ideas, but the pictures and graphics can take FOREVER and I get sidetracked. I’ll ask and get 7 -10 images ideas.

4)       Outline. Type in your main ideas and ask for chapter ideas and topics. Take what fits you – get rid of what doesn’t.

I say use AI or ChatGPT as a tool to enhance your writing, similar to using a thesaurus, a dictionary or a grammar checking tool like Grammarly.

Just like you wouldn’t use a thesaurus to write a book, or a grammar checker – the same goes for AI or ChatGPT. Use it for ideas, for guidance, for example – and then write it yourself.

Remember it's your voice, your emotion and your authenticity need to come through to your reader. Without that - you will not connect, and your book will not make a difference.

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