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Writer Prompts 4 the Fearless Writer — January 2023

Help For Writers and Creative Spirits

I love creating these prompts, and it’s not just because I’m helping other writers jumpstart their writing — I’m getting some fabulous ideas too!

1. Your ex texts you and wishes you a Happy New Year, and then wants to let you know they’re dating someone in your condo complex — just in case you see their car. Oh, you broke up two weeks ago. (Transparency here — this actually happened to me this week.)

2.Your main character, and five friends, are on a five day wilderness hike, meant to create leadership skills and self-esteem. Halfway through day two, the guide disappears, leaving behind a compass, a note that no one can read, and mysterious marks on the ground. You have no way to contact the outside world.

3.Your main character is walking along a moonlit beach, and finds a message in a bottle. Upon investigation, it’s discovered the message is from twenty years in the future.

4.Your main character is in his/her 40s and is very shy, and they are chosen (by mistake due to a person with a similar name) to speak at an awards ceremony. They can’t get out of it.

5.Your main character wakes up in a strange room. Write about them gradually waking up and remembering what happened. Extra points — make your main character and animal.

I hope you have fun with these.


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