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As a writer, I want people to read my stories. I want my words to cause them to stop and think about the world around them. I want readers to make the story their own, to live in the world of my characters, step inside the shoes of someone else for a bit and see life from a different point of view.

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Upper-Middle Grade and Young Adult Novels

I started with picture books, now I write upper-middle grade and young adult novels. I started writing seriously when I was in my mid-40’s. It had been a dream ever since I was a child, and the journey along my path was filled with many obstacles - growing up in a doomsday cult, and having undiagnosed dyslexia and ADHD. Because of that, I write about the underdog, the victim, the survivor, and the healed.


My first young adult novel, "The Truth is a Lie" is the story of sixteen-year-old Sara, who is a faithful member of the Truth, a mainstream doomsday cult. Sara is based upon my life growing up in a cult, as well as the lives of many other young people still trapped by the choices of others.


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Picturebooks for Children

As the middle of seven children, I began my writing career by creating books for my little sisters and forcing them all to be in the plays I wrote and directed. When my three boys were young, I put my creative spirit to work teaching them to read and create stories of their own. As they grew older, I found ways to keep on creating by writing books for children with fun, whimsical themes.

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Coaching for Writers

One Hour of Coaching for Writers


  • Virtual Meeting for one-hour through Zoom.

  • Personalized plan to get you on your path. 

  • Critique of your query letter (plus written critique).

  • Critique your first ten pages. or entire picture book manuscript (plus written critique).

  • Quick Checkup of your social media.

Query Letter Critique


  • One written critique of a one-page query letter.

  • Any genre

  • Two-week turnaround time.

First 10 Pages  or Picture Book Critique


  • Up-to 10 page written critique - any genre.

  • Or, one picture book critique.

  • Two-week turnaround time.

Picture Book Deluxe Critique


  • Written critique of one picture book manuscript.

  • Written critique of one picture book query letter.

  • BONUS - second look at manuscript  or query after revision.

  • Two-week turnaround time.

First Ten Pages Deluxe Critique


  • Written critique of first 10 pages.

  • Any genre.

  • Written critique of query letter.

  • BONUS - second look at manuscript  or query after revision.

  • Two-week turnaround time.

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