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Writing Prompts

Get Started With Your Writing With These EASY and Fun Prompts

I love coming up with these prompts. They are perfect for when you're in a little bit of a slump or it's your writing time and your not in the MOOD. Hey it happens.

There are a few rules to follow.

-Pick one

-Set the timer for ten minutes

-Write (don't edit)

Prompt 1

Spiderweb. That’s all I’m giving you. Use the picture as your prompt. You main character can be the spider, can be trapped in the web, can see the web. Just go with it.

Prompt 2

Your main character is on a fishing boat (they can love it, hate it, be there on a date, whatever reason you choose), but they are a NEWBIE, never fished before and they’ve caught something big. Really big. What happens?

Prompt 3

Your character is at a crowded cafe, minding their own business, when the couple behind them is having a conversation that perks their interest — one of them is planning a murder. What does your main character do? Feel? What happens???

Prompt 4

Your character’s best friend asks them to watch their precious fur baby, Milo. Your character says yes, but doesn’t think Milo is as precious as their friend thinks he is. In fact, Milo is a grade A ass-hole. What happens?

Prompt 5

Your main character is driving home, after a long shift at work or after a party (you choose why), when suddenly there is a beam of light ahead, illuminating the street. Looking up you see it’s an alien craft of some sort. What does your character do?

I hope you have fun with this. Remember - it's just fun. It's mean to loosen up your creativity.

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